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  • Caroline Street
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  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Staffordshire
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Welcome to Community Church Longton in Stoke on Trent 

We are people from all walks of life and we are committed to loving God. 

Why not join us this Sunday?

Community Church Longton building at night

The Community Church service is the time when we share what God has been doing in our lives, with times of lively praise and worship, prayer and teaching from the Bible. Our church family gathers on Sunday morning at 10:30 am, we come expecting to hear from God and spend time together.

We would love to meet you this Sunday  and get to know you a little better. At the end of the service please join us for a cup of tea or coffee and we will answer any questions you may have and help you settle in. 

Generous with God's giftGenerous with God's gift - The degree of risk that you are willing to take is directly related to the level of your trust in the Master. And the risk of faith—investing yourself in the work of God and sowing seeds for His Kingdom—is guaranteed never to fail.

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At Community Church Longton we believe we have been put on this earth for such a time as this - to fulfill God's heart for mankind and bring salvation and hope to the world through the message of the cross of Jesus Christ

Judy was away on holiday when she became sick with the swine flu. It was severe and she was hospitalised as soon as she returned. The hospital called her pastor to say that it was time to gather the family because she wasn't going to make it. This is a dramatic story told by her and her daughter as to how God was supernaturally involved to bringing her back to life. It's a must to watch.

if you want to watch the full story follow the this link "God brought me back to life"

Simon is a member of the Community Church Longton. He suffered with this condition for a long time and was healed instantly.

David shares his journey of faith starting when he had none and going through the years and now having a vital relationship with Jesus. All of our journeys are different but each story reveals the ways in which God moves us from unbelief to belief and trust. David was in the Navy for 27 years and suffered the ups and downs of life but in the end his life now is very content and peaceful.

David Hardwick Testimony