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At Community Church Longton we love seeing peoples lives changed as they allow God to work in their lives.

We are a community of ordinary people who work with with Jesus Church seeing lives transformed as he builds his church.

My name is Judy, I was away on holiday when I became sick with the swine flu. It was severe and I  was hospitalised as soon as I returned home. A few days later the hospital called my pastor to say that it was time to gather the family because I wasn't going to make it. This is a dramatic story of how God brought me back to life, listen as my daughter and myself tell how God was supernaturally involved in  bringing me back to life and giving me a purpose too.

My name is Steffan and I was hopelessly addicted to drugs. My family was broken up and often I was pushed aside so I depended on drugs more and more to just feel OK. My journey out of addiction began with accepting Jesus into my life. The journey was a long one through prison, Salvation Army, to Teen Challenge. Now I am is married to a wonderful Christian woman and I have a lovely family. 

David shares his journey of faith starting when he had none and going through the years and now having a vital relationship with Jesus. All of our journeys are different but each story reveals the ways in which God moves us from unbelief to belief and trust.... to find more follow the link and listen to what Dave has to say  

God has been speaking to me about how he has sheltered me....Physically, emotionally, financially, relationally and especially spiritually as I put my trust in him.. read more